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Télécommunications Marketing Informatique Automobile

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Traduction, Révision,

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Diplôme d'Études Supérieures Spécialisées, Grade de Master, Industrie de la Langue et Traduction Spécialisée, Université Paris VII


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French and Finnish native speaker, I come from a multicultural background. I studied foreign applied languages (German and English) and computer linguistics and I graduated in 2003 with a Master degree in Technical Translation and Technical Writing.

I have studied and worked in France, Finland, Germany, the UK and the Netherlands, where I have gained experience, technical knowledge and developed skills in various fields:
- Marketing & communication,
- Business & commerce,
- Telecommunications,
- IT, CAT Tools,
- Automotive

I have an extensive experience in the language and translation industry.

After gaining experience as German-French translator at Bosch and Siemens, I worked as computational linguist at Sympalog and Systran and designed tools for speech recognition and machine translation systems. That way I got acquainted with the IT world, programming and especially Computer Assisted Translation tools.

My career path brought me to the automotive industry. As Technical Writer for Renault, I was responsible for the linguistic quality of the training manuals and other training tools. Together with the technical training designers, I implemented writing standards and copyedited all documents.

In 2006, I moved to the Netherlands. I worked first at ING translating contracts, proposals and all related documents for a short-term international banking project.

Then I worked for three years as in-house translator for an American telecommunications company where I translated and updated all marketing materials, websites and other communications from English into French. Responsible for the French, Belgium and Swiss markets, I made sure that all materials were adapted and culturally acceptable to the respective markets.

I have been working as freelance since 2009.

Looking forward to working with you!

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